Families that Discuss together, stay together

Families that Discuss together, stay together
Families that Discuss together, stay together

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Innumerable Blessings From the Gospel

My daughter Emily attended school at George Wythe University in Cedar City, Utah and while there met a young man from Minnesota. His intuition led him to Utah to seek "good principles". Soon after arriving, he formed solid friendships with Emily and her friends, Nichole Ball and Chris Bowler and many others. He knew nothing of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints, but felt, right from the start as he inquired and later heard the message from the missionaries, that he was coming home to his Heavenly Home. The truths resonated with him and he found profound peace and happiness. He later prepared to serve a mission and was called to Los Angeles, California. Emily just heard from him today (He is in his fifth month of a two-year mission) and it has touched my heart. Within the realm of his words I can feel of the power of the Atonement of the Savior of Mankind and the pure love of Christ that reaches to all those who will accept Him and His Father and His message to the world. Below he writes:

Monday, 1-16-12

Hello there! I’m so glad that you emailed me. I just was reflecting on the past two years of my life.  As I thought about the last two – can you believe it’s been two years since I started the missionary lessons?!  I keep the pamphlets that they gave me during the lessons and also the Book of Mormon you gave me – I keep them in the apartment – but it’s just really crazy to think about how much my life has been blessed from a few college students who weren’t afraid to share what they knew to be true. I remember driving up to General Conference together and how I got to meet your Grandparents and I remember when your Grandma said to me, “Don’t forget to plan a mission in there”, after I told her what I wanted to do, and I laughed at her! Ha, well we’re both laughing now.  I wish I could remember her name.  Before I left your Grandma’s, the lady you called your “Aunt so and so” but she wasn’t related to you, came out to the car and bore her testimony to me really briefly about prophets and how she knows how I feel, and I never really knew why, but that always stuck with me.  And then on top of that – your loving parents and their guidance and friendship.  You’ve just really blessed my life and I am amazed at how well you followed the mission protocol as you helped me progress – I mean you really followed it almost exactly and probably better than the missionaries did.  I bet you didn’t even know how much you did.  Ha!  I can’t believe it’s happening!!  I can’t believe I am a missionary right now.  Without you and Nichole and Chris, and everyone else, there is no way I could be here right now.  You have been instrumental in my relationship with God.  When I went to Utah from MN, I was going to figure out what principles were.  I never thought that I would find God.  I never thought in my whole life before, or even after, I got baptized that I would be as happy as I am now.  To go through the temple and make those Heavenly Promises and know in my heart that it is just the beginning.  Elder Case (*Emily’s insert: Elder Case was the primary Elder who taught Justin the discussions.) has just gone home, which is weird to know that for a few weeks I got to serve at the same time as the rookie who taught me how to have faith – what will the next two years bring?  So much to do – so many to teach – so many blessings that Heavenly Father is longing to give them.  I am so humbled that someone like me who rebelled so aggressively against Heavenly Father, could be allowed to take part in this Work and Glory – the thing that He holds so precious in His giant heart.  I remember how bad you wanted to serve a mission and how much you love the gospel.  As far as I am concerned, you’re a better missionary than a lot of us.  You served faithfully and you have helped me in ways I can never explain.  I will be forever grateful, and when I say forever, you know what I mean J.  The blessings of the gospel in this life have been innumerable.  I can only imagine what is coming for you and your dear family.  I can never repay you for what I have received, but I can try to pay it forward to the other lost lambs.  At the last day, when we all meet together with Him our Dear Savior, I hope it will be made crystal clear to you, the lives you have blessed by your faithful example.  Please continue to do what you do and be who you are as a loving wife and mother.  I hope all is well with you and I’ll see you in a few years. :) You rock!
Your Friend,
Elder Behnke

Chris Bowler's Mother continually updates a blog for Elder Behnke: Go read about him at: elderjustinbehnke.blogspot.com
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