Families that Discuss together, stay together

Families that Discuss together, stay together
Families that Discuss together, stay together

Monday, March 16, 2015

Two Poems

Pondering on Past Mistakes

Pondering on the past mistakes,
I sometimes let the negative thoughts possess me.
They overpower me,
Sending me in a downward spiral.
Groping for goodness to hang on to,
I sift through the negative,
Remembering somehow its fallaciousness,
And distortion from truth.
On occasions, my children talk
Of their memories
And speak only of happy times.
This happy talk arrests me unfailingly.
I wonder how they remember not my errors.
Turn I to the Almighty in question,
“My God,” I implore,
“Dost thou bless me twice?
Once to blind my children from my blunders,
And once more when I am old
to hear from them only the good?” 

Self Mastery

The ancients say I must seek To Kalon,
The highest beauty--moral and physical
To become what I was created to become
and beautifully done.
The medievals assert I must correct my errata’s
My savior declares, "be ye therefore perfect, even as I am"
Who is my god and my director? 
I, effortlessly, follow the hellish foe
Ease, laughter, cloaking my faults
Frenzy fit
Down to my Addictions
Away from my Happiness
Justify the profane for humor
Back to the ideal I grope
Oh, Heaven, please hear me!
"The law of the Lord is perfect,
“Converting the soul:
“The testimony of the Lord is sure,
“Making wise the simple."[1]
Hone my Virtues
Soar high to my completed Teleios 
Upwards I fly toward completeness
Jesus, the Rock of my salvation

[1] Psalms 19
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