Families that Discuss together, stay together

Families that Discuss together, stay together
Families that Discuss together, stay together

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Center for Social Leadership Youth

My son, Andrew, and his friends at Williamsburg Academy have put together an inspiring and educational site for youth. On the front page they say, "At CSLYouth we are preparing ourselves so that we can provide the solutions to the coming style of life and leadership. Our mission is to become better connected with youth across the Nation and World, and preparing them for tomorrow by using the technology of today."

Who are the authors of the site and what do they believe?

We are students, youth, and leaders. We come from different backgrounds, races, religions, ethnicities, and places.

We part ways with the stereotypical teenager, who is commonly viewed as lazy, overly dramatic, ignorant, incompetent and egotistical.
At CSL Youth, we are young men and women who are educating ourselves for leadership, who value virtue, wisdom, diplomacy, and courage. It is clear to us that humanity is experiencing dramatic changes. The type of leadership in our parents’ world is broken. Instead of letting big business and big government have all the power, our generation is breaking that power up so each individual can make their own unique contributions. As we unite, we are making a new power system which is more service-oriented, where we can choose to serve instead of being forced by government. And can we just say, technology rocks! Our mission is to prepare ourselves to be the leaders who make sure this new power system--which is coming--values faith, family and freedom. At CSL Youth, we dedicate ourselves to improving our own lives and society regardless of our social standing, wealth, privilege and especially age. We are young, but we can create beauty, lift our vision of mankind, educate ourselves and each other, and deepen our life experience. We can prepare for leadership. We will lead in all parts of society, including business, government, education, media, religion, family and community to protect our freedom and the freedom of our children. Our parents’ generation has left us with a huge national debt, landfills full of Coke bottles we didn't drink from, and a broken educational system that pretty much stinks. Society is suffering. Institutions are crumbling. We have lost our faith in government and corporations. Yesterday’s leadership is lacking, even broken. And it is up to us to step up and act. We are preparing ourselves so that we can provide the solutions. Have you asked yourself, What is the highest and best use of my talents and passions? What can I do that will have the most positive impact on society? How will the world be better because of my life and contribution? What was I born to do ? At CSL Youth, we believe that we can make a difference. WE can inspire each other. WE can help each other. WE can teach each other. WE can do it. Who are we? We are… Students. Youth. Leaders. Will you join us?
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