Families that Discuss together, stay together

Families that Discuss together, stay together
Families that Discuss together, stay together

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What is Truth?

Good things come to those who discuss:

While arguing Rothbard’s ideas with Dave we chose to be offended for our own reasons. He and I were not agreeing about the Free Market bringing abundance to all participants as stated by Rothbard and Bastiat. He believed that the impoverished soul who chooses not to work is more abundantly taken care of in a welfare state and I believed that in any level of a free market economy that all participants are blessed with more abundance each at their level of wealth, continually progressing further towards more abundance. It is okay to disagree, but we were angry about it and one of us wanted to stop the discussion—Period, the end!

I explained to him that I am not arguing for the sake of being right and “showing off”, but was truly wanting to practice verbalizing in the Socratic method. Learning comes better for me if I can discuss, explain, question and listen. I was frustrated that the dialog would come to an end for that very reason. I began doing what women do best—analyze. Why do we angrily argue about ideas? What is it that offends us? How can we get to the bottom of this if we cannot discuss? What is the “bottom of this” I asked myself? The bottom of this is truth. Whose truth? God’s truth. If it is God’s truth, why are we arguing? Isn’t His truth always constant and unchanging and unquestionably the way it is? Aha, an epiphany arose in my mind that might be the cause of the arduous argument. Are we arguing because we wish to have ownership in the truth we are seeking? Do we want to be the possessor of the truth that ensures that we are “right”? “Was that the cause?”, we discussed together. A sudden relief swept over me as I realized that yes we were “hoarding” the truth for the sake of being the “right” one. There is power in that you know. But, obviously not a power of happiness or peace.

The thought came to me that this idea is huge. Is there anything more huge? Absolutely not. Everything that comes from God is truth. All humankind are in search of it in their own way, but when we hoard it by arguing over it we are in essence taking possession of what is already His. He gives truth to us. All that we seek for is ours, not to hoard, but to share. The essence of why we must learn, discuss and ponder is to search for His truth.
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